PythonOCC and SMESH

PythonOCC and SMESH The SMESH module that is included in the PythonOCC distribution has a lot to offer in terms of advanced CAD meshing techniques and therefore deserves some special attention. With this blog post I will try to shed some light on  SMESH’s capabilities and the merits it has to offer for the PythonOCC […]


Pycado is an object oriented 3D CAD scripting language based on pythonocc with a graphical interactive editor. See for more information.

PythonOCC as pre-processor

Perhaps you’ve taken note of the work we’ve put in such that PythonOCC is capable of FEM meshing. However, so far we were not able to add groups ( boundary conditions ) to the mesh, but yesterday this issue was resolved. Getting rid of a single character was all it took. However trivial the fix […]