PyConFR 2009

pythonOCC was presented at the last PyConFr conference, that took place in Paris-France. Here is the abstract of the presentation Bien qu’il existe des logiciels libres dédiés à la modélisation 3D orientée jeux, la communauté open source souffre encore du manque d’applications CAO 3D industrielles. Les enjeux sont pourtant très importants, notamment du fait de […]

Product Data Exchange 2009 (PDE2009) workshop

pythonOCC was presented at the last PDE2009 conference ( Here is the abstract of the presentation: The combination of open-source software and open standards are known to be considered as a key success factor of further technology development. The interest around the STEP standard is growing these last years, since the release of Application Protocols […]

News archive

Following news are archives published on the old static webpage. 2010-02-27—Parametric Modeling Tutorial In pythonOCC, parametric modeling is enabled by the Parametric Application Framwork (PAF). Learn how to get started with PAF by reading the PAF Tutorial (PDF file, 1.4Mb). 2010-02-25—Development page move to googlecode The pythonOCC team registered the project on the googlecode […]


This project is a python library for making realistic images from 3D models using pythonOCC and Yafaray. Development is lead by Sébastien Ramage, and available at: