Use cases

Free Form Deformation with PyGem

Marco Tezzele ( and Filippo Salmoiraghi ( develop the PyGem project. They contributed the following blog post to explain their project. Many thanks ! PyGeM (Python Geometrical Morphing) is a python package using Free Form Deformation and Radial Basis Functions to parametrize and morph complex geometries. It is ideally suited for actual industrial problems, since it allows to handle: Computer […]

Virtual prototype of the orb 6 DOF encoder

Energy storage is one of the biggest challenges that must be overcome to enable renewable energy utilization in transportation. The goal of the orb project is to develop open-source technologies for spherical energy storage flywheel systems. The orb project is hosted and GitHub. A 6 DOF encoder is needed to make this thing work. The […]

PythonOCC as pre-processor

Perhaps you’ve taken note of the work we’ve put in such that PythonOCC is capable of FEM meshing. However, so far we were not able to add groups ( boundary conditions ) to the mesh, but yesterday this issue was resolved. Getting rid of a single character was all it took. However trivial the fix […]

PythonOCC based table design exhibited

Recently I’ve been so fortunate to have an exposition at design gallery Vivid in Rotterdam. The exposition was an overview of the work of EZCT Architecture & Design Research, of which I’m one of the founding partners. An interesting aspect of the design is that its been implemtend with pythonOCC! It really is wonderful to see […]