Features Overview

Write once, run everywhere

Based on the python programming language, pythonOCC is truelly multiplatform:

  • the pythonOCC environment can be installed on MacOSX, Linux and Windows operating systems
  • the scripts generated on your specific OS can ran as-is on other platforms, without any platform specific tweak. In addition, if you wish to use the GUI system provided with pythonOCC, the library automatically detects whether Qt (pyQt), wxwidgets (wxPython) or python-xlib are installed, and render the display to the one available.

For instance, here is a simple example showing the modeling/3D meshing/rendering of a simple shape.

OpenSuse 11.x/Intel/32bit screenshot

MacOSX 10.6(Snow Leopard)/Intel/64bit/Python2.6 screenshot

Windows XP Pro/Intel Core 2 Duo/32bit/Python2.6 screenshot