PythonOCC and SMESH

PythonOCC and SMESH The SMESH module that is included in the PythonOCC distribution has a lot to offer in terms of advanced CAD meshing techniques and therefore deserves some special attention. With this blog post I will try to shed some light on  SMESH’s capabilities and the merits it has to offer for the PythonOCC […]

PyConFR 2009

pythonOCC was presented at the last PyConFr conference, that took place in Paris-France. Here is the abstract of the presentation Bien qu’il existe des logiciels libres dédiés à la modélisation 3D orientée jeux, la communauté open source souffre encore du manque d’applications CAO 3D industrielles. Les enjeux sont pourtant très importants, notamment du fait de […]

Product Data Exchange 2009 (PDE2009) workshop

pythonOCC was presented at the last PDE2009 conference ( Here is the abstract of the presentation: The combination of open-source software and open standards are known to be considered as a key success factor of further technology development. The interest around the STEP standard is growing these last years, since the release of Application Protocols […]

Introduction to OCAF

What is OCAF and Why Might I Need It? OCAF is the OpenCascade Application Framework. At it’s core, it provides the functionality to manage structured documents. The framework defines a document model but it’s up to the application to define the specific document structure (in the same way that xml defines a file format, but […]