Following links are shortcuts to the pythonOCC GoogleCode project page. Check for all available downloads (including older releases).

Latest release : 0.5

Source archive for pythonOCC: pythonOCC-0.5.tar.gz (12.8Mb)
Sample set: pythonOCC-0.5-examples.tar.gz (5.7Mb)

Precompiled binaries for Windows 32bit (XP/Vista/7)

The Basic version will require that you download the OpenCASCADE™ library ( OpenCASCADE™ 6.3.0 is included in the ‘all_in_one’ version.

  Python2.5 Python2.6
Basic pythonOCC-0.5.win32.py25.exe(26.4Mb) pythonOCC-0.5.win32.py26.exe(27.3Mb)
All-In-One pythonOCC-0.5-all-in-one.win32.py25.exe(40.6Mb) pythonOCC-0.5-all-in-one.win32.py26.exe(42.1Mb)

Precompiled binaries for MacOSX 10.6/Intel/64bit

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Linux packages