Download latest pythonocc release: 0.16.3 (january 2016)


Source archive

.tar.gz and .zip source code archive. Extract and follows installation instructions for your platform.

pythonocc-0.16.3.tar.gz (9.8Mb) (10.2Mb)


Precompiled binaries for Windows 32bit

Precompiled binaries for Windows include all required dlls and are ready to use. No need to download/install anything else but the following .exe file.

pythonOCC-0.16.3-win32-py27.exe (28Mb) pythonOCC-0.16.3-win32-py34.exe (28Mb)


Install precompiled binaries for MacOSX/Linux or Windows with conda

You can install OSX precompiled binaries thanks to the amazing conda package management system. Simply run:

conda install -c pythonocc-core


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