pythonOCC in the scientific literature

Some researchers among the world use to work with pythonocc to prototype applications. Below a non exhaustive list


  • Zhi L., Xionghui Z., Wei L., Qiang N., Chuipin K. (2016) A similarity-based reuse system for injection mold design in automotive interior industry, The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Pages 1–13.
    Abstract Injection mold design of automotive interior is knowledge-intensive and time-consuming; therefore, it is important to reuse previous design instead of designing from scratch. This work proposed a systematic similarity-based approach to reuse design resources […]


  • Zhi L., Xionghui Z., Wei L. (2015) A geometric reasoning approach to hierarchical representation for B-rep model retrieval, Computer-Aided Design, Volume 62, Pages 190-202
    Abstract 3D solid model similarity is dependency of many intelligent design applications, such as design reuse, part management, case-based reasoning, and cost estimation. Matching and comparing its intrinsic boundary representation (B-rep) is a critical issue to retrieval. In this paper, we proposed a geometric reasoning approach to generate hierarchy for B-rep model retrieval […]




  • Acary V. (2013) Projected event-capturing time-stepping schemes for nonsmooth mechanical systems with unilateral contact and Coulomb’s friction, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, Volume 256,  Pages 224-250
    Abstract This work addresses the problem of the numerical time-integration of nonsmooth mechanical systems subjected to unilateral contacts, impacts and Coulomb’s friction. The considered systems are the space-discretized continuous systems obtained by using a Finite Element Method (FEM) approach or the multi-body systems, or a mix of them as in flexible multibody dynamics […]