PythonOCC based table design exhibited

Recently I’ve been so fortunate to have an exposition at design gallery Vivid in Rotterdam. The exposition was an overview of the work of EZCT Architecture & Design Research, of which I’m one of the founding partners. An interesting aspect of the design is that its been implemtend with pythonOCC! It really is wonderful to see the hard work poored into the project have physical consequences. Thomas came from Paris (just moved from Paris -> Rotterdam to start working on my PhD at the Hyperbody research group ) to come and see the results for himself. The work on the design instigated the development of a high-level, pythonic module. Take for example and Edge or a Wire. Rather than grinding through heaps of documentation, you’d expect an API that succintly presents you the functionality in an orderly, well documentated fashion. Well, that’s what I’m working on. In pythonOCC we’ll start to refer to the Level1 API ( OCC wrapper ) and the Level2 API ( the pythonic API I’m talking about ).

Its coming along nicely we’ve targeted public release for the Level2 API for pythonOCC 0.5, which we expect to release in March ( 0.4 will follow in short notice ). Surely we’d appreciate your involvement though! Have a look at what’s here, if you’ve checked pythonOCC out from svn, you’ll find it in src/addons/KBE/