pythonOCC-0.4 released

Here are the main changes since the 0.3 release:

  • pythonOCC 0.4 comes with new advanced meshing features coming from the smesh project,
  • many new samples,
  • the OCC wrapper was improved (few missing modules were added, typical C++ mechanisms were pythonized),
  • 64 bits support for Windows/Mac,Linux
  • New graphical backends: PyQt and python-xlib
  • MacOSX Snow Leopard support,
  • better installation script
  • many minor fixes/enhancements in the Parametric Application Framework and Display packages

pythonOCC-0.4 was successfully built/tested on Windows platforms (XP/Seven with py2.5/2.6), Linux (Ubuntu 9.10, OpenSuse) as well as MacOSX (SnowLeopard).