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Following news are archives published on the old static webpage. 2010-02-27—Parametric Modeling Tutorial In pythonOCC, parametric modeling is enabled by the Parametric Application Framwork (PAF). Learn how to get started with PAF by reading the PAF Tutorial (PDF file, 1.4Mb). 2010-02-25—Development page move to googlecode The pythonOCC team registered the project on the googlecode […]


This project is a python library for making realistic images from 3D models using pythonOCC and Yafaray. Development is lead by Sébastien Ramage, and available at:

PythonOCC based table design exhibited

Recently I’ve been so fortunate to have an exposition at design gallery Vivid in Rotterdam. The exposition was an overview of the work of EZCT Architecture & Design Research, of which I’m one of the founding partners. An interesting aspect of the design is that its been implemtend with pythonOCC! It really is wonderful to see […]

Introduction to OCAF

What is OCAF and Why Might I Need It? OCAF is the OpenCascade Application Framework. At it’s core, it provides the functionality to manage structured documents. The framework defines a document model but it’s up to the application to define the specific document structure (in the same way that xml defines a file format, but […]